From a former sales rep point of view I had to this once and it was the most horrifying call I ever made to a client. It's not just B lots who do it. Finance managers sometimes have to make a judgement call when they shouldn't.

Their contracts were different than ours because we had a stipulation that the contract… » 9/22/14 7:52pm Yesterday 7:52pm

Every one of these tips are dead on. ALSO; If you're painting textured walls then get a hold of painters caulk along with your tape. Put up your tape, then put a thin bead of painters caulk on the edge then rub it in smooth with your finger. the tape won't bleed and you'll get sharp corners and lines I've heard you… » 9/11/14 10:28am 9/11/14 10:28am

Wes I really enjoy indefinitely wild, but despite your experience I recommend staying off the dog raising subject. Your advice is woefully inadequate and based on anecdotal experience over research. For the record a cockapoo is a mixed breed. Your friends experience with a pure bred weimerauner is a result of the… » 9/10/14 12:06am 9/10/14 12:06am

Just remember this only affects over the air broadcast channels. So any of the cable only channels and probably any channels played over cable will not be impacted by this. So pretty much only about 10% of the population gains from this. » 8/29/14 10:53am 8/29/14 10:53am

You know if Comcast didn't have to worry about net neutrality and could filter the internet you experience it would increase their profits, which would allow them to pay their reps more and improve customer service. You all are doing this to yourselves! You're all just so greedy wanting a low price, unfiltered… » 7/25/14 10:27am 7/25/14 10:27am

Tough video, but does anyone notice how he leans a bit to the left at the intersection before the car comes through? Almost looks like he was thinking about turning, then changed his mind. Could that have been how the car interpreted it?
I know the car driver is responsible and should have waited. Glad he's ok! » 7/23/14 9:35pm 7/23/14 9:35pm

My experience with prime so far has been that the streaming to my phone has been pretty subpar. I found some music on there that I enjoyed and was hoping to have some commercial free tunes, but it was constantly pausing. That was only a week after release so maybe it's gotten better. I never had any problems with… » 7/23/14 1:26pm 7/23/14 1:26pm

Good stuff... Leave it to Atheists to take an article about science, and make it about religion.

Seriously, everyone needs to remember the two subjects are separate. Science is about the *how*. Religion (well... Christianity at least) is about *why* » 6/20/14 9:55am 6/20/14 9:55am

I don't want to start an internet flame, but this is terrible information. Rescues do not have fewer genetic defects, or better attitudes, or temperaments. The only accurate point is you may save a dog's life and may save some money.
Rescues have their place, and I encourage you to find a rescue that specializes in… » 6/17/14 12:12pm 6/17/14 12:12pm

I find it pretty funny all the people calling this lame because it's in old media. Unlike the advertisers, the people here don't seem to understand the demographic. From my experience with spanish speaking family, I can assure you this makes perfect sense. There are many in hispanic communities that use exclusively… » 4/09/14 9:39am 4/09/14 9:39am

My wife constantly gets complimented on her ring that I bought off Amazon for under a $100 and we live in a relatively affluent area. Most people have no idea.. She would be furious if I spent the kind of money that you see as *recommendations*. I got lucky I guess. » 1/31/14 6:24am 1/31/14 6:24am